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British Home Stores Helix Lamp

Have you a big space to fill? Perhaps a huge & empty stair well?
Do you have a very high ceilinged or large room? A large entrance hall?
Or perhaps you have a shape that you want that is not within our standard range?

Do you have a length of fabric or wallpaper that you would like made up as a shade or lamp?

We may be able to help!

Please contact us at to discuss your requirements.
We will need at least a rough sketch with dimensions in order to begin the quotation procedure.

Past Projects:

There are certain lighting products out there that we know will eventually need specialist replacement shades, and we're the ones to talk to about these! One example of these is the classic "Helix Floor Lamp", as shown, originally marketed by BHS. While a great lamp, the shades are subject to deterioration over time, and we're happy to create replacement shades, in a range of materials!

With the current boom in the building industry on new houses, we are now supplying a lot of shades and lamps to new buildings. Many of these new buildings, to fit in with regulations, are supplying the pendants with a new fitting - not a standard pendant, to be used with the low energy bulbs. We would like to emphasise that a standard shade fitting won't work on these style pendants, but that's no problem for us! Be it a large or small order, we can produce our goods with either the new style fitting, or old. Just let us know!