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Some basic guidance

For table lamps:
It is very hard to guess what shape and size will suit your lampbase. If you have an exsiting shade that needs replacing but its dimensions are good then we suggest you measure the top and bottom diameters and the vertical height of the shade. Then compare to our selection to find the closest match.

If your lamp base has a continental screw bulb fitting then contact us, we can supply to match accordingly.

For ceiling shades:
The bigger the room, the bigger the shade!
8" x 20cm for toilets, landings etc
10" x 25cm for bathrooms, halls, single bedrooms, smaller rooms
12" x 30cm for living rooms, bigger rooms
14" x 35cm for high ceilinged, large rooms

Current fashion is for shallow drums with diffusers - 18" to 28" - for ceilings and hung low over dining tables.

Hate that jargon? Here's a few lighting acronyms to help translate